Store your website at NeoCities.org and have possibility to get it from any old device and browser!

This service allows to get any website stored at NeoCities.org web hosting for static websites from old operating systems, old PCs, Pocket PCs, palmtops, cellular phones or any other old devices which do not support modern HTTPS protocols.

The service works easily: if you have website MyWebsite.NEOcities.org, type in the browser MyWebsite.OLDcities.org and you'll get your website by HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS. Same way you can get any other websites, hosted at NeoCities.org. No any additional registration is required.

The service is free of charge and no any registration is required.

Please, note, that modern browsers may display the resources such as pictures at your website incorrect as they try to get it by HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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